Schiff: Trump’s FISA Declassification ‘Certainly Evidence of Obstruction of Justice’

‘You have a president ordering this stuff declassified that he hasn’t read’


JORDAN: "Congressman, one thing that struck me yesterday about President Trump’s interview with 'The Hill', when he talked about how he was going to declassify or release these documents was that he admitted he hadn’t reviewed the documents himself and that really he was doing it because commentators he admires on television had recommended that these documents be declassified. I think sometimes we lose sight of just how extraordinary and how abnormal it is for a sitting president to interfere in an ongoing investigation, that directly implicates his political fate in which he’s a stakeholder. What — how — this seems like blatant obstruction of justice."
SCHIFF: "Well I think it’s certainly evidence of obstruction of justice. And what's remarkable to hear is you have a president ordering this stuff declassified that he hasn’t read. You have the chairman of the intelligence committee egging him on to do this when he hasn’t read the FISA application. What you have is you’ve got not only I think the Fox pundits and confidants telling him to do this but you may very well having his legal defense team saying Mr. President this would be very useful discovery for us." 

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