Commissioner Bratton: Cop Killer Attended Rally for Michael Brown and Eric Garner

He also spoke frequently of Brown, as well as Trayvon Martin

"As I said yesterday, he had tried to commit a suicide about a year ago. We got that from family members. We are still delving into that. What we're seeing on the social media investigation, basically on Instagram he put out 119 images on his Instagram account. A lot of these things were self-despair, but they are also anti-government. He goes in on November 25th of this year on a anti-government tirade and he's called for a new challenge BTF, which is burn the flag. And as he goes on quite extensively on his Instagram account about America and its inequities -- quite a bit.

He talks about Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. As I said, we have recovered his cell phone from Baltimore and there is over several thousand images on it and we're carrying down that as well. One of the cell phone images we have is a video of Union Square Park where he is a spectator, watching one of the protests. We date that at around December 1st. Again, he's just a spectator as it seems that people are walking by and he's recording it on his cell phone."

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