Donny Deutsch: If GOP Doesn’t Abandon Kavanaugh, They’ll Enter ‘Death Spiral’

‘If the Republicans are tone deaf here it will be a death spiral for them’


DEUTSCH: “Well, there is one option they can’t walk away from. This is where kind of culturally and politically the worlds are colliding. In the Me Too movement, the subhead of the Me Too movement is it’s time for men to listen. If the Republicans are saying, 'We’re not even going to listen, you know, we don’t even want to hear it out,' that is a suicidal mission. To your point, Joe, nobody can know the facts, although to me, when somebody brings up 25 years later in a couples’ therapy session something you kind of have to believe it and then takes a polygraph test. But that aside, I would hate to be any Republican going forward in their creation, not just in this election, that will stand up and say, '+No, we weren’t even willing to listen.' That would be going against an entire societal wave that is happening in our culture. That is going against an entire gender reboot of who we are. And once again, and to John’s earlier point, boy, if you look at the midterms, women in every poll are saying that women will be coming out in droves and I think this is the kind of thing that also starts to — not only the house is gone, it will put the Senate in real, real, real, real play. If the Republicans are tone deaf here, it will be a death spiral for them.”

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