Russell Honore to Trump: ‘Focus on Florence... Stay Off the Damn Golf Course’

‘I hope to see him in North Carolina and South Carolina and not on a golf course this weekend’


HONORE: "I can’t imagine. You know, he wasn’t born a politician, but he sure as hell is acting like one, won’t admit to nothing and deflects it. And I think that’s something he needs to grow out of. You know, he — we have used Katrina to measure presidents. Did they have a Katrina moment, meaning was it paid attention to what was going on? Well, je had his Katrina moment. It was called Maria. And the picture everybody will remember is those paper towels going out and throwing them. And oh, by the way, giving himself an A. I think he needs to move on and let’s see if everybody can live and learn and let’s see if he can focus on Florence, stay off the damn golf course and cheer these troops on, who are out on ships out at sea, flying helicopters and airplanes trying to get ready to come while their families stay ashore and have to evacuate separately. We have a lot of young soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines out there that are getting ready to respond along with the National Guard. Those are the people he ought to be cheering on. I hope to see him in North Carolina or South Carolina and not on a golf course this weekend."

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