Bill McGurn: Funeral Was a ‘Disservice’ to McCain Because It Became a ‘Week Long Insult’ to Trump

‘John McCain was a hero; President Trump was just flat out wrong about that’


DOOCY: "When you examine the events of the last week, Bill, in addition to the former president coming out and saying, 'You know what, I didn’t really want to talk about politics, but I kind of got dragged into this,' you had the Kavanaugh hearings, which were not very civil, and then you had the McCain funeral as well."
McGURN: "Look. That’s what I look at, the McCain funeral. John McCain was a hero. President Trump was just flat out wrong about that. I have been to the Hanoi Hilton, it’s just incredible what he went through for his country. But that funeral was a disservice to him because it became a week long insult to President Trump. And all these people congratulating themselves on their exquisite sense of decency, two days after John McCain is buried, they are back at the Kavanaugh hearings, you know, shattering norms and so forth. I think it’s find to talk about Donald Trump being uncivil and shattering norms, but apply the standard across the board."

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