Holder: Yes, America Still a ‘Nation of Cowards’

Talking about race, the AG said, is ‘painful, it’s difficult, given the history of this nation’

REID: "A lot of people talk about biases. Police officers not from the communities that they’re policing. Kind of the racial, the ethnic biases that also play into policing. You came into office very early on in your tenure and you made a very strong statement. And you said that we’re a nation of cowards and dealing with the issues of race. Do you still believe that now? Because we don’t seem to have gotten very far even in terms of dealing with those underlying racial issues."  
HOLDER: "Well, I think as a nation, we are too reluctant to talk about racial things. It’s painful, it’s difficult, given the history of this nation. And it’s been — the easier thing to do is try to figure out a way in which you kind of deal with the issue that’s before you and not deal with the underlying concerns that make a particular incident blow up into something that is of nationwide concern. So, yeah, we’ve not done all that we can. I’m hopeful that with regard to this incident at this time with this president that we can make progress in ways that we have not in the past."

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