Sen. Warner Repeatedly Dodges on If He Has Evidence Papadopolous Told the Trump Campaign About Hillary Emails

‘It just stretches, I think, most people’s credibility that, if Papadopoulos had this knowledge and he wanted to try to further ingratiate himself with the campaign, that he wouldn’t have shared that with somebody on the campaign’

TAPPER: So I asked Papadopoulos specifically about whether or not he told anyone on the campaign about the Russians claiming that they had dirt on Hillary Clinton, e-mails belonging to Hillary Clinton.

Papadopoulos told me he doesn't remember telling anyone on the campaign. But he also said this:


PAPADOPOULOS: I might have, but I have no recollection of doing so. I can't guarantee it. 

All I can say is, my memory is telling me that I never shared it with anyone on the campaign. 


TAPPER: Now, you have said just now that you find that hard to believe. 

Who do you think he told? There is an individual named John Mashburn who worked on the campaign, now works at the Department of Energy. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee a few months ago, according to "The New York Times," that he remembers an e-mail from Papadopoulos claiming that the Russians had Hillary's e-mails. 

Is John Mashburn somebody that you think he told?

WARNER: We have gotten some documents from Mr. Papadopoulos. We'd love to talk with him as well on the Senate Intelligence side. 

But one thing is fairly clear. This is an ambitious guy who wants to be a player in the Trump campaign. He -- Trump had chosen him as part of his foreign policy team. 

It just stretches, I think, most people's credibility that, if Papadopoulos had this knowledge and he wanted to try to further ingratiate himself with the campaign, that he wouldn't have shared that with somebody on the campaign. 

TAPPER: But you don't know of any evidence proving that he did share it with anybody on campaign? 

WARNER: Again, I will -- I believe -- and I will leave that to the Mueller investigation.

With all of the people who are now flipping on this president, and I think starting to come clean, my hope, again, is that Mueller will move expeditiously on these matters. 

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