Trump on Trade: ‘We Cannot Continue To Get Ripped Off Like We’ve Been Ripped Off Before’

‘We cannot continue to get ripped off like we’ve been ripped off before’


TRUMP: "You know, when we fixed the trade deals, that has a big impact. We’re losing -- we're losing 100 billion with Mexico. We're losing anywhere from 25 to 50 billion with Canada, you know, even though Canada likes to say we have no deficit, they are smart and saying that. They have a sheet out that it's 98.2 billion dollars. Okay. They have a sheet but they don’t show us that sheet, that's meant for other reasons. But they showed 98.2 billion dollars. We’re working on a deal with Canada, we’ll see if it is good. If it's a good deal for us, if it's good them, I want it to be good for everybody. But we cannot continue to get ripped off like we’ve been ripped off before." 

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