Schiff on Russia Probe: GOPers ‘Want to Protect Witnesses Who May Have Committed Perjury’

‘I don’t understand why they would do so since this is flouting the United States’


SCHIFF: "We did, obviously, bring Roger Stone before our committee. We wanted further information and we still do. And there are a lot of questions that have been raised since his testimony about whether he testified truthfully before our committee. I would like to share those transcripts with Bob Mueller, but the Republicans refuse on our committee. They seem to want to protect witnesses who may have committed perjury before the committee. I don't understand why they would do so when this is essentially flouting the Congress of the United States. But, nonetheless, this is one of the things that I hope that we can do if the Congress changes hands, that we can provide this material, not only to special counsel, but we can make it available to the public."

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