Fmr. Kavanaugh Clerk: Judge Kavanaugh Cares Lot About Text and History and Supreme Court Precedence

‘Justice Kennedy and Judge Kavanaugh have a lot in common’


WALKER: "Judge Kavanaugh wrote a very thoughtful historically-based decision that said the kind of balancing you’re talking about is precluded by two things. Number one, it's precluded by the Supreme Court's Heller decision. And Judge Kavanaugh is a follower of the Supreme Court precedent. It’s also precluded by the Second Amendment, the decision of the Framers to make that balancing choice themselves and to take some of that question out of the democratic process. I think what we can learn about Judge Kavanaugh from his dissent in Heller is that he cares a lot about text , he cares a lot about history and he cares a lot about Supreme Court precedent. And I suspect as a justice he is going to be faithful to all of those things."

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