Debbie Dingell on 2018: I Am Not Sure Who Will and Who Won’t Vote This Time

‘People that stayed home last time are not going to this time, but who will vote and who isn’t, I’m not sure’


DINGELL: "But earlier in the week I did a town hall meeting with Jim Clyburn on voting rights and these were, I mean, quite frankly, they used the world liberal, many of the people participating. And someone else got up and talked about how they were organizing a boycott across the country to not vote. That’s the worst thing that you can do in democracy. And I sincerely hope this doesn't gain any steam. But, you know, there are a lot of weird dynamics out there. People didn’t pay attention to them two years ago, I am. Women are energized, you can feel that. People who stayed home last time are not going to this time. But who will vote and who isn’t going to vote? I’m not sure."

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