Marc Lotter on Trump vs. McCain: It Takes Two to Tango


WALLACE: Congresswoman Edwards, I promise I’m going to bring one but Marc Lotter is out someone often defends this president. Your reaction?

LOTTER: Well, I think it takes two to tango. And I think John McCain and Senator McCain has made a very good career out of attacking presidents when he disagreed on both sides of the aisle.

WALLACE: But in fairness, he somehow had a good enough relationship with George W. Bush and Barack Obama that they spoke at his funeral.

LOTTER: And he did. This is one that continued on this week. And I think once we get past this, we will remember John McCain for all of his great service. The president is going to continue to go on and is going to do many things that John McCain supported like supporting our troops, investing in our military and we’ll let their — we’ll let their disagreement I guess go on in history.

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