Axelrod: Meghan McCain’s Eulogy Was ‘an Unmistakable Blow’ Against The Politics of President Trump

‘She was both tender and tough’


AXELROD: "Well, look, that searing, searing eulogy that you played at the top of the hour, excerpts of it, from Meghan McCain was just overwhelming. And you know, I think you saw echos of her father in her remarks. She was both tender and tough. She talked about him as a father, as a person, but also talked about what he represented as a leader and delivered, you know, what was an unmistakable blow at the prevailing politics of Washington and the politics of President Trump. There was a very tender moment later when the — Renee Fleming, the opera star, sang “Danny boy” and just to watch Cindy McCain gently put her head on her son’s shoulder and dissolve into tears was something that was really moving, and obviously, as Jeff said, the entire effect of the day was to deliver a message. I said earlier this week that senator McCain had created kind of a civic communion here in which we reconnected or he hoped we would reconnect with the fundamental values of our democracy and recognize that beyond party, beyond whatever ideological differences we have are — is this bond that comes from the inheritance of this democracy, and that point was made so, so emphatically, not just by the words of the two presidents who spoke, but by their very presence on the stage today."

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