Mark Steyn: If the Soviets Had Gotten to the Moon First, That Flag Would Have Been in Gosling’s Movie

‘It was a race to the moon among countries and that’s why it was called a space race’

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GUTFELD: "I feel a little cold. Ryan gosling was only half right. He didn’t go the whole way. First of all, the title first man very sexist. It could easily have been a woman at that time. Why did they need a male actor to play Neil Armstrong. Female perhaps Reese Witherspoon. Not an American achievement or masculine achievement. It’s just an achievement. Anybody could have played Neil Armstrong. Also what really upsets me is Canadian playing an American. Hollywood, can they allow cultural appropriation like this? That is totally immoral. The worst thing about it is in all seriousness he has no right to speak for Neil Armstrong. He shouldn’t have said. That’s the problem with this, he shouldn’t have said he thought he knew what Neil Armstrong was thinking. It was called the space race. It was a race to the moon among countries and that’s why it was called a space race."

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