Mark Steyn Rips Ryan Gosling: ‘Pathetically Sad’ for Him To Omit Planting of US Flag on the Moon

‘We landed on the moon’

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STEYN: "Yeah. It did happen. I’m Canadian like Ryan Gosling. We landed on the moon. It was the Canadian Red Ensign, it was the first flag to be landed on the moon and then you Americans faked it up in that bit of Utah desert or whatever it is. I think this is pathetically sad. You know what I like about the Moon landing by the way? When they got up there they had a cassette machine and they played Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon. First music ever played on the Moon. And that is American. Because if it had been the Russians they would have played something big by the soviet, 1812 overture and Germans would have played Beethoven. There is something very American. Only the Americans could have done that. Kennedy set the nation a challenge. It rose to the challenge and being American they exceeded it and that flag should be in that story."

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