CNN: DoJ Official Ohr Testified Christopher Steele Told Him Russian Intel Thought They Had Trump ‘Over a Barrel’

‘Russian intelligence officials believe they had Donald Trump over a barrel right before the 2016 election’


PEREZ: "Bruce Ohr, Brooke, has gotten a lot of attention from the President who said he wants to get rid of his security clearance saying he’s surprised he is working at the Justice Department. We know more about his relationship with Christopher Steele. He testified several hours this past week to House members. In that testimony, he described how he had a breakfast with Christopher Steele and during that breakfast is where Steele says he believed Russian intelligence thought they had then candidate Trump over a barrel. We don’t know more context to that comment. It does align with the dossier that Christopher Steele ended up producing. This is one reason why Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele has been in the cross hairs of Donald Trump as President. He believes that, obviously, this is an investigation he calls a witch hunt and he believes it all began with these men who, he believes, were concocting false stories about him."

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