Cynthia Nixon to Andrew Cuomo: ‘If You Stop Lying I Will Stop Interrupting’

‘If you stop lying I will stop interrupting’


CUOMO: "A quick response. Mr. Percoco did something wrong. It was very painful, and I said I have zero tolerance. We cooperated fully, and he is going to pay his price. And it was a very well-known situation, everybody agrees I had nothing to do with it, period. To change the campaign finance laws, you need something called the New York state legislature to pass it. You don't snap your fingers as governor and It happens." [crosstalk]
NIXON: "It will never happen if you empower --"
CUOMO: "Please can you stop -- can you please stop interrupting? Can you please do that?" [crosstalk]
NIXON: "If you stop lying I will stop interrupting."

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