Schiff Defends False Claims By Dems on Russian Hacking: ‘’Everyone Is Really on Razor’s Edge’

‘—wondering is the other shoe going to fall in terms of Russian intervention’


TAPPER: "I want to ask you about your party when it comes to accusations of hacking. Senator bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, has been under scrutiny for his claims Russians hacked the Florida electoral systems. There is no evidence of that that we have seen. The DNC this week said that it had been hacked when it was really just a test by a state organization. Are some Democrats being too careless in public about accusations of hacking, sensitive national security matters?"
SCHIFF: "Well, look, I think that everyone is really on razor’s edge right now wondering is the other shoe going to fall in terms of Russian intervention in the midterms. It is certainly our expectation from the top intelligence officers of the country on down that the Russians never stopped interfering, at least not on social media. That they certainly according to Microsoft and Facebook are at it once again. So I think all of us are really on hair’s edge here and we see all the steps the administration should be taking but are not and are trying to sound the alarm. But, yes, we have to be careful and make sure that we are very precise about what we say to the public. We want the public to have confidence not only that the government is doing what it should, and that’s hard to have at the moment, but that we aren’t going to try wolf. That we are going to be very specific when we see foreign intruders."

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