Barbara Walters: I’ve Done President Obama

‘I’ve done president — I’ve done — hey— I’ve done him’

FALLON: “But there’s a lot of fascinating people I would say that had a great year. So, I would say — after looking at this list, I would say it’s probably someone political.
WALTERS: “No, it’s not someone — we don’t have anybody political on the list.”
FALLON: “What?”
WALTERS: “Last year you and I talked about President Obama. I’ve done president — I’ve done — hey—  I’ve done him.”
FALLON: “You’ve been taken out of context. All I’m asking for is a bubble bath! That’s all I’m asking for. Yeah. I mean, by — well, it’s always great when you come on.”
WALTERS: “I love being on with you. I’m so happy that you have this new addition to your life.”
FALLON: “Oh, you’re the nicest and the coolest and the best — “

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