Rick Scott: Bill Nelson Is ‘Either Confused’ or ‘Dishonest’ When He Claims Russia Has Hacked the Election System in Florida

‘We’ve worked hard to make sure people feel comfortable with our election system’


SCOTT: "We’re working hard and getting our message out. Washington needs to change. It needs to start working for the Americans. My opponent, however, is questioning our election system in Florida. We’re in the middle of our primary, as you know, our primary is a week from today, and he said the Russians have hacked our system. He said that they are free to move around. Then he said it’s classified information. So I went to the Department of Homeland Security and I went to the FBI and I said, 'Is there any truth to this?' And they said absolutely not. So my opponent is either confused, dishonest, releasing classified information. And we’ve worked hard to make sure people feel comfortable with our election system. We have cybersecurity experts, grant funding. We are going to make sure we have another free and fair election in Florida."

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