Charlie Sykes: New Omarosa Tape Shows Trump Offered Cash to ‘Keep Her Mouth Shut’

‘I think we ought to regard many of her allegations with a great deal of skepticism’


SYKES: "First of all, I think your questioning was on target. I think we have to regard many of her allegations with a great deal of skepticism. She’s made some explosive allegations she’s not provided evidence for. But this probably is exactly the way it sounds. And it seems completely consistent. That they were trying to buy her off with basically a, you know, do nothing job. $15,000 a month to keep her mouth shut. That seems consistent with the way they’ve handled, you know, others — other of the misfit toys that have departed the White House. In this particular case, I think she has backed up the fact that they were willing to pay, use donor money to pay her for her silence. But, again, you know, in this reality show, I do think it’s important to be very, you know, careful, you know, to not believe things because we want to believe things. Because they confirm what we want. Because sometimes when you hear something you really want to believe, you lower your standards and you’re willing to go along with it. The extent she can document her charges, that’s fine, that’s news. But I do think we ought to have the kind of skepticism that you expressed about some of the other allegations she’s made she’s not yet backed up."

(h/t Mediaite)

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