CNN: Lara Trump Releases Statement in Response to New Omarosa Secret Recording

‘We still wanted her on our team, because we cared so much about her personally’


BALDWIN: "Lara Trump just released a statement explaining why she would make such an offer just days after Omarosa was fired. She writes, 'We still wanted her on our team because we cared so much about her personally. That’s why I reached out to offer her a position with the 2020 Trump campaign, before we knew anything about the gross violations of ethics and integrity during her White House tenure. Another one of Omarosa’s 'bombshell' tapes is a fraud. The discussions about a position with the campaign took place in numerous phone calls over the course of several weeks. That’s Lara Trump. Now, Omarosa claims she never signed that deal, but the Trump campaign says it’s taking legal action against her, accusing Omarosa of signing and breaching a nondisclosure agreement she signed with the campaign back in 2016."

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