Rep. Nadler on Strzok: ‘He’s Just a Victim... of an Attempt to Discredit the Investigation’

‘He’s entitled to his opinion’

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BOLDUAN: "Wait. But congressman, are you calling on Christopher Wray to now answer questions about this firing?"
NADLER: "I think he should. I think that’s a good idea. But the main point — remember, no one — the inspector general made a finding that Strzok did not do anything to -- to prejudice the investigation, did not bring his political opinion into it in any way. No one has made a specific allegation of his doing so. So he’s entitled to his opinion. But more to the point, what all of this is, he’s just a victim. What all of this is, is an attempt to discredit the investigation because he was involved to some extent in the beginning of the investigation, although, unlike what they’re saying, he had nothing to do with initiating the investigation."

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