Jake Tapper Mocks Trump-Omarosa Feud: ‘If Only There Had Been Some Warning’ She Was Untrustworthy

‘Omarosa showed no signs of this kind of behavior in the three seasons on the apprentice’


TAPPER: "Allies of President Trump today including Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel have assailed Manigault-Newman, questioning Omarosa's credibility, describing her actions as unethical, Mr. Trump even retweeting his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. Cohen expressing shock that anyone would take seriously an Omarosa claim that the President chewed up and swallowed a note that Cohen had given and she assumed was 'very, very sensitive.' President Trump was attacking Cohen and accusing him of making up stories. The President’s character assassination of a former senior White House official begs the question, if she’s so horrific, what was she doing in the White House in the first place? We can tell you. A Senior White House official tells us that President Trump considered Omarosa, 'vicious, not smart,' he had 'heard really bad things about her' being, 'nasty to people.' The President had been told by Chief of Staff Kelly that Omarosa was a 'loser.' Nothing but problems. But shockingly, the President told Kelly the try to work it out with Omarosa. Why? Omarosa, 'only said great thing' about the President. That’s right. Her flattery was apparently so important to the President, he wanted her to stay despite everything else. Maybe you’re skeptical of our source and only a single source, that’s true. Let’s tell you who the Senior White House official is who shared with us the shocking story. It was President Trump. He said it in a series of tweets today, including in specific reference to Chief of Staff John Kelly, 'I told him try to work it out if possible because she only said great things about me.' Hmm. If only there had been some warning that Omarosa was not trustworthy and that ultimately she would be fired in a disturbing spectacle."

(Via Mediaite)

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