Zuhdi Jasser on Siraj Wahhaj: ‘He Is the Tip of The Iceberg of a Conveyor Belt of Radicalization’

‘He may not have been violent but at the end of the day he was the mentor for many radicals ‘


JASSER: "I have to tell you, in my book, as you mentioned, I wrote in 2013 about an Imam, this no small fish sort of a name we never heard of as we hear often in these terror incidents and findings. This is a leading Imam among the Islamic establishment in America. He was the Vice President of Islamic Center of North America. He has been a fundraiser for hundreds of mosques. The Council of American-Islamic Relations, he has been on their board. So now he certainly has led authorities to find his son. His son was the ringleader. He has two daughters there. Grand children. And he, on Facebook and social media had been saying he lost his kids. And, yesterday, Pete, when he was giving supposedly spontaneous press conference he basically, again, dug his heels in and said he had been looking for them. They were strung out. Well, you know what, Pete? They were strung out on his Islamism. He may not have been a militant, but he has been for decades the gateway drug for radicalization. He is the tip of the iceberg almost like an alcoholic I don’t know how my kids got on cocaine and other drugs. Well, he may not have been violent but at the end of the day he was the mentor for many radicals and has been and I have been screaming it for years, even on your show six, seven years ago I talked about him when he was going to speak at the DNC. And, yet now he is putting his hands up saying he doesn’t know how his kids got radicalized."

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