Chuck Todd on Dem Socialism: ‘The Democratic Party’s About to Go Through Their Own Trumpian-Like Experience Here’

‘The Democrats are about to have their own little fight inside the party’


TODD: "Socialism. I mean, this is, this is, the Democratic party’s about to go through their own Trumpian-like experience here."

COOPER: Oh, no, they’re going to have the same issue that we’re seeing play out in the Republican party. And with the Republican primary situation that we’re having right now, it’s just so fascinating. Because it feels as if we’re seeing Political Science 101. It is the same stuff that gets you out of the Primary, that gets you to win a Primary when you have to go so far to the left or the right, is what can weigh you down in the general election. You’re seeing that amplified right now, this year. And the Democrats are having the exact same issue—"

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