Harlan Hill: Press Is Masquerading as Journalists When They Are Pundits and Grandstanding in the W.H.

‘The mainstream media, in particular Jim Costa, forfeited their right to the moral high ground when they started calling President Trump Hitler, when they started attacking Trump voters’


HILL: "In the rest of the clip she also acknowledges she has been on the receiving end of fake news and vicious attacks. The problem is you have so many liberal journalists who are masquerading as journalists when they are pundits and giving their opinions and grandstanding in the White House when they are supposed to be reporting on what is happening and simultaneously going out of their way to attack trump voters. Just this week a reporter at politico was at one of these rallies and said if you put together everybody in the room you have full set of teeth. It might be funny but how can you fairly cover and ostensibly be held responsible by the American people if you’re making fun of them."

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