CNN: There Are Still Some ‘Unanswered Questions’ in Bridge-Gate

‘I mean, it’s hugely important in the sense that no one has been able to find a direct connection [to Chris Christie]’

KING: “Speaking of Keystone, Chris Christie was in Canada this past week. He was talking about how pro-energy he is. He says there is no excuse for the Obama administration to hold up a Keystone pipeline. Another sign that Chris Christie is seriously inching toward a 2016 presidential run and his team thinks this is more easy to do, less controversial to do because with the report, we expected it to be made public today from the state legislative committee looking at the Bridge-Gate. Now, the says there are still some unanswered questions, there is some deleted text that they say they couldn’t figure out. But they also found zero evidence that Chris Christie was directly involved, that he picked up the phone and said, close those traffic lanes, shut down the bridge. How important is this to Chris Christie and is it behind? Is it completely behind him or are there still things to worry about?”
PACE: “I mean, it’s hugely important in the sense that no one has been able to find a direct connection, if there had been a direct connection. It's very difficult to see how he could really make a credible bid for the presidency. At the same, this reminds me a little bit of Benghazi where you have multiple reports that are going to keep been done and people who want to find something in there will continue to dig and continue to try to make this an issue.”


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