Rep. Meeks: It’s ‘Absolutely Disturbing and Despicable’ for Trump Jr To Compare Dems to Nazis

‘He’s done better than any other president or more than any other president, and that’s lie’


BLITZER: "Joining us to discuss that and more, democratic congressman Gregory Meeks of New York, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Congressional Black Caucus as well. Congressman, what’s your reaction to this obviously false equivalency that Donald Trump Jr. is making between the Democrats here in the United States and the Nazis?"

MEEKS: "Absolutely disturbing and despicable. Here we are talking about a man who had an opportunity to denounce neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, and he said they were good people. Here we have a man who basically, if you just read some of the statements he made and compare it to what Hitler has said, they’re very similar. Trying to destroy our institutions, work around his own folks. For him to say that is absolutely disturbing and absolutely absurd."

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