Rogers: Islamists Will Use Senate Torture Report To Incite ‘Violence and Deaths’

‘This is more than just differences on what happened ... what good will come of this report?’

"I think this is a terrible idea [to release a Senate torture report]. So our foreign partners are telling us that this will cause violence and deaths. Our foreign leaders have approached the government to say, if you do this, this will cause violence and deaths. Our own intelligence community has assessed that this will cause violence and deaths ...

Our intelligence community believes it will and our foreign liaison partners believe it will because we've seen what happens when other incidents are used in the propaganda terrorist machine to incite violence. Think of the cartoons in Denmark and how many people died as a result. Think of the burning of the Quran and how many people died as a result. They will use this to incite violence. And here's the scary part about this. Again, Secretary Kerry has engaged in this because he believes this is dangerous to what they are trying to accomplish overseas. That tells you something.

This is more than just differences on what happened. This is -- and then you have to ask this, Candy, what good will come out of this report? There's been a DoJ investigation. It was stopped under the Bush administration. There has been Congressional action to stop this activity. President Obama put an executive order saying he wouldn't continue any of that activity, not that was going on, would have since been stopped. So you have to ask yourself, if you know that all of those [indecipherable] people believe that people will die because of this report, what good can come up that knowing all those other things."

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