CNN’s Tapper: ‘We Are Being Led Down the Drain By President Trump’

‘Imagine liberals shouting down a reporter they didn’t like’


TAPPER: "President Trump makes it can clear that behavior is great. His son saying it was great. He retweeted it and the erosion of standards of civility continues. It’s not just Republicans. We are being led down the drain by President Trump. Imagine liberals shouting down a reporter they didn’t like and a democratic president giving that mop and at-a-boy, would that be acceptable? Let’s talk about wit our experts. Simone, what do you think?"

SANDERS: "I think we are going into a difference between freedom of speech and someone heckling and threatening and putting someone’s life in danger. I think I saw something on Twitter last night about a protest at ole miss years ago during the civil rights move ls reporters were reporting on the issue. Folks were standing outside, the mop were heckling the reporters. It ended in a brawl where a reporter lost his life. So these are dangerous times for lots of people. Unfortunately, the media included. I wish the president would take the reigns and dial back this behavior."

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