Michael Steele: Trump ‘Largely Agnostic’ About Who Controls the House and Senate

‘The president doesn’t really give a damn about this legislative process’


STEELE: "I have been saying this for about six or eight months now looking at the way the president has approached Republicans. He's largely agnostic as to who controls the House and, quite frankly, the Senate. Although, the Senate is beneficial for Supreme Court nominees. The president doesn’t really give a damn about this legislative process. You're exactly on point. The better foil for him, coming out of 2018, is to spend the next 18 months haranguing against Nancy Pelosi, or whomever is the speaker of the House under Democratic control, and making — setting them up as the narrative for his re-election. You know, and so, it’s not so much about oh, the party -- remember, Donald Trump is not a Republican. We keep acting like Donald Trump has been a stalwart of the Republican Party since time immemorial. No, this was a political convenience for him. He’s going to use the party as a political convenience for this election cycle to set up his re-elect."

(h/t Breitbart)

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