Kimmel on North Korea’s New ICBM: ‘Well, Oops’

‘You know how President Trump said North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat?’

KIMMEL: "Meanwhile, you know how President Trump said North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat? Well, oops. According to U.S. Intelligence, not only isn’t North Korea curtailing their nuclear activity, they may be building new intercontinental ballistic missiles. Kim Jong-un, as you may recall, specifically said he would not build any more missiles. But turns out in Korean “Would not” means “Would” just like in trumpian. So it’s really, absolutely shocking. Kim Jong-un gave Donald Trump his word, they even shook hands on it! Let’s look at the footage, because in the world of footage maybe there was a clue in there somewhere? Maybe there’s something we missed, some kind of body language, perhaps? He had his fingers crossed. I have to say this is so disappointing. It’s like, who can you trust anymore? It is kind of surprising that Kim Jong-un would do something like this. He really seemed to be warming up to western society. He and his security team, I don’t know if you saw this, his security team even did their own version of the “In my feelings” challenge."

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