Guy Benson: W.H. Press Corps Should Not Be Thrown Out Based on Partisan Differences

‘The White House press corps is a team together and they stand up for the First Amendment’


BENSON: "I was immediately reminded from something that happened in 2009 when the Obama Administration tried to freeze out our network, Fox News, from asking questions of a senior administration official and fall of that year. The other networks all banded together including CNN and they said it, fox’s night included in this process, none of us are going to do it. The Obama Administration relented and backed down. I think what we saw there from Jay Wallace, was paying that forward back to CNN because I think it is important regardless of who is in power, regardless of which administration happens to occupy 1600 Savini avenue. The White House press corps is a team together and they stand up for the First Amendment and stand up for the ability to gain access and not be isolated or thrown out of the press corps based on partisan or ideological differences. And that comes on and on the site that we have."

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