Brain Drain: Pelosi Bungles 20 Words in Brief Presser [Montage]

‘Two trallyon dollars in cuts’

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Maybe the summer heat is getting to her, but the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, was surely struggling in her weekly press conference today. 

While firing off attacks at the president and House Republicans, Pelosi's mouth seemed to be moving faster than her brain. She resultantly bungled no fewer than 20 words during this brief press conference. 

Kicking things off, Pelosi said Republicans are bailing out "special interest," only she struggled to say "interest." And that was just the beginning. Overall, Pelosi stumbled over the following words:

  1. Interest
  2. Mortgaging
  3. Future
  4. Prescription
  5. Today
  6. Year/anniversary
  7. Don't
  8. Overseas (she pronounced it: "overshees")
  9. Money
  10. Trillion ("trallion")
  11. Disgraceful 
  12. Resolution
  13. Election
  14. Democrats
  15. That
  16. Apprehensions (she meant to say "aspirations")
  17. Was
  18. Have to
  19. Point
  20. Purpose (it's unclear if this is what she was trying to say)

At other points, Pelosi began sentences that seemed to trail off into oblivion, never completing her thought. At one point she said, "Over the coming weeks, House Democrats will ..." then appeared to forget what she was saying.

Pelosi also frequently repeated herself. While mocking Trump for saying he at one point used the word "would" instead of "wouldn't" during his Helsinki press conference, Pelosi said:  "He said wouldn't instead of would, or would instead of wouldn't, whatever that, whatever that ... was."

Overall, Thursday's press conference was not Pelosi's finest moment. See for yourself in the montage above. 

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