Kaine: The Intel Community Is ‘Very Demoralized’ Trump Sided with Putin

‘The president’s words were to suggest that he trusted Vladimir Putin over them’


KAINE: "Mr. Secretary, just a couple of thoughts. I was very discouraged at the Helsinki summit when the president was basically offered a variety of question that is he hadn’t engaged in hacking of the election and he basically said my own people made a great to me. Vladimir Putin made a case to me. I don’t see why Russia would have done this. He came back and corrected it the next day in the united States but at the end he said I believe my Intel community but there’s a lot of people out there. Could have been someone else and then this dragged on for a couple of days. You know where I live. I have a lot of constituents who used to be your employees at CIA. People say in Virginia all the time I’m with the ic and they’re very demoralized by this, demoralized standing next to Vladimir Putin the president’s words were to suggest that he trusted Vladimir Putin over them. There was the suggestion when President Trump said it was an incredible offer about ambassador Mcfaul he was also potentially willing to throw not just Intel folks under the bus but State Department diplomats under the bus. They live in Virginia, too. They feel the demoralization about your comments today that we’re going to go to bat for current reformer. That’s very, very helpful. But what I want to ask you about is our military. And our military leadership. There’s an article yesterday in “The Washington Post.” General Dunford as of Monday still hadn’t been briefed on Helsinki even though directly affects more than 1 million troops he oversees. Do you know why there would have been no briefing of general Dunford about the discussions that took place at Helsinki?"

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