Tucker: ‘Surreal’ To Watch Dem Politicians Encourage Foreign Nationals Vote in Our Elections

‘They’ve rejected the notion that America is even a country’

CARLSON: "Good evening and welcome to “Tucker Carlson tonight,” all week we have watched our leaders hyperventilate about the threat of other countries to our democracy. They seek to influence our election they have told us again and again and they are right, some countries do that. It’s a fair point. With that in mind it was a little bit surreal to watch today as democratic politicians in California encouraged foreign nationals to actually vote in our elections. It wasn’t reason, how could it be — Progressives are doing it. It’s a form of civil rights. In San Francisco, citizens of other countries including illegal aliens are now allowed to vote for school board, other offices will not be far behind. San Francisco is the biggest city to try this but the trend is spreading nationwide. In Maryland, foreign citizens can vote in all local elections. There’s a push underway in New York City and in Boston to allow the same thing. None of this is treasonous, it is not a hacking of our democracy, there’s nothing Putin or Donald Trump would do, it is actually a restoration of rights. Noncitizens have been voting in this country longer than they haven’t. We’re not going to pretend exactly what that means, we do know the left no longer pretend to believe in borders or citizenship. They’ve rejected the notion that America is even a country. It’s an idea they tell us again and again. Really, you get the sense they think it’s a division of Amazon, staffed by faceless replaceable drones. Then your foreign replacement if you don’t work eagerly enough or if you complain. Keep in mind, none of this is a threat to our democracy. It’s the essence of democracy, somehow."

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