Charlie Kirk on Universal Income: In Chicago Before They Give Away Money, How About Universal Basic Safety?

‘Chicago is already bankrupt, $63 billion in debt’


Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk was born and raised in Chicago and is here to react. Charlie there is welfare system, there is food stamps out there right now. So there is money being given away. Why not just give people a basic income. What's the problem with that?"
KIRK: "Well first, in Chicago before they give away more money, how about universal basic safety? I mean, Chicago is on pace for well over 550 homicides this year. They have 298 already, over 1200 people have been shot and wounded. Look, the problem with the welfare state is eventually you run out of other people’s money and Chicago is already bankrupt, $63 billion in debt. In fact most of the country would be alarmed to learn that as a native Chicagoan, with the Illinois state sales tax and with the Chicago sales tax, almost 8 percent sales tax, not to mention the highest property taxes in the country. So they don’t have the money and it's only further bankrupt a bankrupt city."

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