Brooke Baldwin Tears Into Trump’s Russia Clean-Up: How Gullible Does He Think We Are?

‘This is ridiculous’

Brooke Baldwin Tears Into Trump’s Attempted Russia Clean-Up: How Gullible Does He Think Americans Are?! (Mediaite)

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin was utterly stunned by President Donald Trump‘s attempt at a do-over on Russia that, well, didn’t actually do much to help things.

Trump said he accepts the intel community findings that Russia interfered and insisted he didn’t mean to see he doesn’t see any reason why Russia would interfere, but why they wouldn’t.

Baldwin and her panel found it a little staggering that the President is trying to claim he caused this huge uproar, in part, because of a missing contraction.

Dana Bash said, “If only that entire spectacle, unbelievably historically embarrassing spectacle, could have been and could be fixed with an N and an apostrophe and a T.”

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