Sherman on Trump Presser: ‘Time for Americans To Be out on the Streets’

‘I agree with an earlier speaker, it is time for Americans to be out on the streets and speak up about the democracy’


SHERMAN: “I would hope Andrea that they really will do some soul searching today and decide what they’re doing here and what they’re trying to do. You know, we come out of today -- I certainly come out of today much more concerned about the 2018 election because Putin was basically given a go ahead signal to continue to do what he has done in the 2016 election. So unless John Kelly and Haspel and everyone else says that we need to name someone in the White House with a lots of money behind that person to ensure that all of our electoral systems are safe then I am very concern of what will happen in 2018 and who’ll be held responsible for failure if in fact we do have a polluted election and then finally at the bottom of all of this is really so sowing distrust in American institutions in American democracy, and I agree with an earlier speaker, it's time for Americans to be out on the streets and just speak up about the democracy that we hold dear, the values that we hold dear and what we expect of the president of the United States. He represents us and not himself."

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