Norah O’Donnell: Private Meeting of Trump and Putin Is ‘Historic,’ ‘Unprecedented’

‘Never before has there been a private meeting of this kind before’


O’DONNELL: "You’re exactly right, Margaret. This is an historic summit. And you hear the president’s top national security advisers urging publicly and privately a more hawkish tone towards Russia, and yet President Trump continues his solicitousness toward President Putin, even once in the past couple of days saying that perhaps someday he could be a friend, when we have learned some interesting details about this meeting. I spoke with a top adviser to the president just this morning who said that one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin is scheduled to last about — just about half-an-hour. It could even be longer than that. And President Putin has met with three previous U.S. presidents. Never before has there been a private meeting of this kind before. So this would be unprecedented.:

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