Kristol: ‘I Predict [Rand Paul] Will Get Fewer Votes than His Father Got in 2012’

‘I think Rand Paul is totally overrated for 2016’

“I think Rand Paul is totally overrated for the 2016. The media loves him. He takes a couple of liberal views, publicizes them in an incoherent way. I predict Rand Paul will get fewer votes than his father got in 2012. He’s more dovish than President Obama on foreign policy, Republican voters aren’t, and on law and order, yes, Republican voters and I think most Americans and I think an awful lot of African-Americans think whatever injustice might happen in any individual case, and God knows there are cops who make mistakes and do things they shouldn’t do, maybe not enough to get indicted, nonetheless, there is no excuse for rioting and there is no excuse for people apologizing for the destruction of property and the endangering of life. Law and order is not just a political slogan, it really is part of a decent society.”


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