Rick Wilson: Trump Base ‘Wants Anybody Who’s Darker than a Latte Deported’

‘Stephen Miller and the guys in the white nationalist faction of the party are very happy about this’

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WILSON: “Well, I think the picture of the cruelty of this administration are a very deliberate part of this. They’re a feature, not a bug, of the Trump administration’s policy. And so I think that we’re in a situation where no one inside the administration is unhappy about these things because they’re only talking to their base. They’re only talking to their core supporters. And their core supporters want anybody who’s darker than a latte deported. They’re not happy about immigration of any kind. They don’t believe in the asylum process. They want to take and separate these families as a matter of deterrence and as a sort of theater of cruelty. I think it really doesn’t speak well to their moral standing. It doesn’t speak well to the kind of —" [crosstalk]
HARLOW: “That’s quite an argument. I mean, you’re saying the administration wants this. They want — I mean I get it’s their practice, but I’m saying they want these pictures, they want it to play out like this — really?”
WILSON: “Yeah. And there’s been some reporting on this. Stephen Miller and the guys in the white nationalist faction of the party are very happy about this. They love -- they love the whole optics of this cruel sort of exercise.”

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