Schumer: ‘Hard Right’ Wants Kavanaugh to ‘Turn the Clock Back in America Decades, Maybe Centuries’

‘That’s been their goal, and Judge Kavanaugh, when he worked in the White House helped them achieve that goal’


SCHUMER: "Judge Kavanaugh was embedded in the partisan fights of the past few decades, the notorious Starr report, the Florida recount, President Bush’s secrecy and privilege claims once in office and ideological judicial nomination fights throughout the Bush era. The hard right has had a goal. They can’t achieve their hard-right philosophy through the two elected branches of government, try as they might, the Congress, the president. But if they get control of the one non-elective branch, the judiciary, they can turn the clock back in America decades, maybe centuries. That’s been their goal. And Judge Kavanaugh, when he worked in the White House, helped them achieve that goal.”

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