Eric Trump: Kavanaugh Will Uphold the Constitution; My Father Made a Great Choice

‘You want someone who uphold the Constitution of the United States that’s what Kavanaugh will do’


E. TRUMP: "Listen, you always say you want someone who upheld the Constitution of the United States. Very, very simple. That’s what Kavanaugh will do. It's funny, I was talking to Dershowitz, who was just on the show a couple minutes ago, in the green room. He says he is so well-respected. You go to Harvard and talk to other professors at Harvard, you talk to the inner legal circles, he is so well-respected among that community. But he is a guy with incredible track record. He went to Yale. He teaches at Harvard. He has been on the D.C. Circuit Court. He has written 300 opinions. I mean, there is really a lot out there on the guy and he is incredibly well-respected by everybody. He will uphold the Constitution. I’m proud. I think my father made a great choice."

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