Dem Rep. Seth Moulton: ‘The Democratic Party Is Literally in the Worst Position as a Party Since the 1920s’

‘It’s time for an entire new generation of leadership in the Democratic Party’

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CUOMO: "So which drive is stronger do you think in the party right now? Because there is a number of — there are a number of of military people who are entering and running, even in the Democratic Party. You do have women entering it also. Then you have a little bit of overlap with this more hyper-progressive left that is entering the party. Which will win out and become the soul of the Democratic group?"
MOULTON: "Well, look, I am in some ways hoping they both win. Because I think it’s time for an entire new generation of leadership in the Democratic Party. We have to look at ourselves in mirror and realize that Trump may be terrible but if we can’t bet him and we are literally in the worst position as a party since the the 1920s, which is where we are today, then we have to make reforms ourselves. I think a new generation of leaders will come from many different corners of the party. The folks I’m supporting, I initially started with veterans and not just military veterans by the way but national service veterans, people who have been willing to put the country first, willing to put people before politics, and in many cases literally put lives on the line for the country before. But now we're expanding beyond that because we have come to realize that this movement is even bigger. And while veterans have literally had the experience of putting the country before their personal interests, there are other people who have done that as well. And we also need Democrats, great new leaders to run not just for Congress and the House of Representatives, but at the state and local level too. I was out in Michigan with Joe Tape, an extraordinary leader, someone who serve the country in the Marines, who was also an NFL player. He doesn’t need to be serving the country again. He has done his time. He has certainly earned his keep. He has had tremendous opportunities in the NFL. And yet because of Trump, because of the threat to our country he wants to serve the country again. And I’m proud to be endorsing him now as well. He is the kind of new leader we need in our party at all levels. He runs for the Michigan State House and I think he is going to win."

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