John Kerry: Trump Has Played into Putin’s ‘Narrative’ in ‘Dangerous Ways’

‘The president has played into that narrative in dangerous ways’


KERRY: "What makes this different is the G-7 meeting that just took place. There ranker within our allies, and the suspicions, the deep resentment they have for the secondary sanctions that they’ve decided to impose because we’ve pulled out of Iran deal but all the other countries are still in the deal. And that territoriality  and challenge to sovereignty is really angering Macron, Merkel, May, and the leaders of the region. That is not the way to approach summit with President Putin. The way you approach the summit is to have done your homework with those nations, build up an agenda which they support and understand and go in united in way that doesn’t play in to the narrative that President Xi and President Putin have been working overtime to push, which is the liberal order of the west is coming apart. America is weak, and we are the future. The president has played into that narrative in very, very dangerous ways.”

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