Dick Durbin: ‘We Don’t Have the Power’ to Play ‘Hardball’ on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

‘I think there are some Republican senators who are very conscientious when it comes to these decisions’


BRZEZINSKI: "I guess it depends on exactly who’s being considered here because there may be some Republicans that could be swayed to — you never know. But what then is the game plan? And you are saying you don’t think you should play hard ball the way the Republicans did?"
DURBIN: "Well, we don’t have the power. I mean, if we had the power and the authority to make those decisions, it’s one thing. But under the rules, under the rules with Justice Gorsuch, in a matter of three months or so, he went from being nominated by the White House to being approved by the United States Senate. In the meantime, there was vetting, investigation, hearing, questions, votes and committee, consideration on the floor. But it was on a path where a majority controlled the outcome and at this point we don’t have the majority."

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