Tom Arnold on Michael Cohen: He’ll ‘Take Care of His Family and His Country First’

‘His wife helped him realize, “I have to take care of my family, this guy [Trump] is the worst”‘

WALLACE: "So, did Michael Cohen give you any verbal commitment or give you — did his wife suggest —"
ARNOLD: "Michael Cohen is a great father. He worked for this guy Donald Trump. Many people like myself who worked for Donald Trump know he’s a fool and he’s terrible. He did his best. He cleaned up a lot of messes including Karen Mcdougal who I knew and her lawyer sued us, too. And all these — running, running running, he got in over his head. He went to work and didn’t — his whole family missed him. Now Donald Trump is like, who is Michael Cohen, what? He’s not my lawyer. I don’t know that guy. He’s a nice guy. He’s so full of it. Finally he realized — his wife helped him realize, I have to take care of my family. This guy is the worst."

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