Dave Brat: Dems Say They Want to Help on Immigration But They Just Want It as a Political Football for November

‘We’ve compromised on every single issue along the way to help and that’s where we stand right now’


BRAT: "And then last night, the icing on the cake, we got standalone bills to solve the family separation piece, Mark Meadows and Ted Cruz et cetera, and the Senate Democrats, Schumer said no. And so they say they want to help out, but every step along the way you are left to conclude they just want this as a political football, a political issue for November. They are talking about care for the kids. We’ve compromised on every single issue along the way to help and so that’s where we stand right now. I’m in favor of the Goodlatte bill. That will actually solve the problem. We had 60 million lethal doses of Fentanyl coming across the border in the last six months, 60 million lethal doses. That's a huge problem. Trafficking is a problem. We need a solution, but it has to be the right solution and the Goodlatte bill is it."

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